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Finnish Cup Final Paganus vs. Utter July 28th on BBO

The Finnish Cup Final 2010 will be played in Hanko with a live Internet coverage at the Bridge Base Online gaming site. (2010-07-28 00:21:24)

The semifinals of the Finnish Cup 2010 have been played. One of the matches was played in Hanko on Monday 26th of July. Team Utter advanced into the final match by winning the match against Savuton (113 - 32 IMPs). The other match was already played earlier between Paganus and KUBK. Paganus made it into the final by winning with the IMP score 62 - 50.

The final match of 32 boards will be played in Hanko on Wednesday the 28th beginning at 10:30 AM. There will be a full Internet coverage of the match at Bridge Base Online. Simultaneously (but without live broadcast) will also be decided the winners of the Silver Plate, a competition and a trophy for those teams who didn't advance in the main Finnish Cup.

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