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Junior team match in Turku

Three countries take part in the junior match in Turku Telfth Day tournament. (2011-01-07 14:53:14)

Juniorit Turussa / Juniors in Turku

Juniors competing in Turku

The traditional Tvelfth Day tournament is being played in Turku and also this year an international junior team competition is in the programme. Teams from Estonia and Sweden have been invited to take part. Also playing are two Finnish teams coached by Matti Niemi.

Play start was slightly delayed, as the weather conditions didn't allow the Estonians to arrive exactly at the right time. Play is in progress, however, and this piece of news also includes photos from the first round match of the competition.

Junnumaaottelu I / Match I

Junnumaaottelu I / Match I

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